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About Us

About the Company

Jim Burke Excavating Inc. (JBE) was founded by company president Jim Burke to help companies reduce excavating costs and improve productivity. JBE provides excavating services for many contractors and sub-contractors ranging in size from small "Mom and Pop" businesses to large National Contractors and Developers. JBE has consistently provided the highest level of service to our customers and, although our customers vary, our service remains the same.

When you or your company call JBE for a backhoe and operator you can count on "Our Service". This means you can now work on your expertise (trade) whether it be plumbing, electrical, or any other underground installation. Our operators are experienced in backhoe trenching for underground utilities and all other combination backhoe capabilities. JBE operators are union (Local 150) and fully insured. All our backhoes are Late Model, well maintained and ready for work.

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